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Select IT Professionals offers fully customized IT solutions, from server installations to the design and configuration of cloud-based working. Select is also a sparring partner for its customers and believes in building long-term constructive client relationships.

As an entrepreneur, you expect expertise, the ability to learn, commitment and motivation of your employees. You won’t be satisfied with any less. Therefore, you also expect your IT specialists to be dedicated professionals involved in your business.

The philosophy of Select is simple. The core of being successful in providing services is doing what you’re good at, so that others are free to do what they are good at. Know exactly where you excel – and keep getting better at it, innovating and advancing. With conviction, passion and knowledge. So that your customers benefit from it.

Our philosophy pays off in customer loyalty. When Select delivers systems or projects to customers, a long relationship often follows, in which our knowledge and experience in the field of ICT management, modifications and innovations is often invoked. A relationship based on trust and mutual strength through cooperation.

Our customers appreciate our contribution to their businesses. Now it’s your turn! Make an appointment for a personal meeting – we might connect!

Thwan van Gennip BV. is a horticultural nursery, where raspberries and strawberries are produced, and where strawberry plants, raspberry plants and asparagus plants are grown. I want to describe Select as: Customer-oriented; customized solutions; a promise is a promise; and no nonsense. Straight to the point and summarized, but it describes SELECT as an organization.

Thwan van Gennip | director of Thwan Gennip BV