Select Agro focuses on the agricultural sector and provides, among others, secure connections with which you can control your existing climate systems from any location. Select Agro also offers secure connections over the Internet for locations where wired connections are not possible.

The horticultural sector is one of the showpieces of the Dutch economy. The sector is highly competitive and highly innovative. Automation of production processes and management, commerce and administration plays an important role.

Horticultural companies grow and internationalize rapidly. As a result, the need for robust process control, information and communication solutions grows, which may not be affected by distance or location.

Over the years, Select has developed a unique expertise in the processing and office automation for both the greenhouse and the outdoor horticulture business. We have performed several projects at leading horticultural business with a variety of specialisms- from pepper cultivation to strawberry growers.

We also make a difference in horticulture with our personal approach: we know where the industry is all about and we are there for you when needed. We would like to tell you about our vision on Agro Solutions in a personal interview.

Select has been our reliable partner for our IT infrastructure. In recent years, they have become a permanent partner in many of our IT decisions. They always keep in mind what is important and necessary to us as an accounting firm, without compromising on the flexibility and opportunities offered by this era, and those requested by society. System reliability and security of our data are paramount.

Rolf Bloemendaal | Bloemendaal Ruigrok Accountants