Select Cloud Services offers you the opportunity to use servers and workstations without concerning yourself with things such as licensing, management, security and continuity. Within a Full Rental Concept, we combine minimal investments with maximum uptime.

Working in The Cloud. It sounds appealing and attractive. No more licenses, your applications are always up-to-date, your data safely stored in a secure data warehouse, which you do not need to concern yourself with.
Until a technical malfunction occurs, when your data is be safe, but just not accessible. You would really like to “call a guy” at that moment, but then you discover that there are not many “guys” to call in The Cloud. Want to put an end to all uncertainty, and still enjoy all the benefits of The Cloud?

Then choose Select Cloud Services

  • Dedicated servers and software – owned by you or Select – in one of the most secure data warehouses in the Netherlands
  • Everything arranged at once, from licenses to backups and from maintenance to upgrades
  • Substantial savings in hardware and licenses
  • And always “a guy” nearby who can help with the management and modifications.

More information? Call us for an appointment, so that we can tell you exactly how you can safely and cost effectively get started in The Cloud.

Select has been our reliable partner for our IT infrastructure. In recent years, they have become a permanent partner in many of our IT decisions. They always keep in mind what is important and necessary to us as an accounting firm, without compromising on the flexibility and opportunities offered by this era, and those requested by society. System reliability and security of our data are paramount.

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