With an eye
on the future

Select Network Solutions specializes in network design, network management and network security. With the combination of Cisco and SonicWall equipment, we build and manage every conceivable wired and wireless networking solution. Your applications and workstations are made accessible from anywhere using a Virtual Office Front End, without compromising network security.

Since founding Select in 1997, we have developed, designed, built and implemented numerous ICT systems. They are found in offices, factories, nurseries, shops and institutions – in all shapes and sizes, throughout the Netherlands.

The special feature of our systems is that they are modular. Which makes it easy to link sales systems to the production, the production to the administrative processes, and the office to the field. Select works with standard components and software with proven quality, functionality and stability as much as possible.

Select designs, builds and maintains IT infrastructure that helps you move forward. Not just today, but also in the future. Because your goals of today are not necessarily your goals of tomorrow. Our technology solutions grow with you, or are scaled back as needed.

As the administrator of your network, we know the components and architecture through and through. We make a difference because we consider network management as a personal service. Do you want to know exactly how that works? Contact us for an appointment!

Royal Pride Holland is one of the most modern greenhouse businesses in the world. The company specializes in the production and packaging of various types of tomatoes. For a large-scale greenhouse farming company, a reliable network environment is essential to quickly and securely have access to the corporate network and the climate system, from any location and at any moment. Select is a professional organization that ensures clear and reliable advice, efficient performance and an excellent level of service, with which it keeps proving its worth for Royal Pride Holland. A major strength of Select400 is that they are not only available day and night, but always immediately take action and also ensure a fast and efficient solution. All this makes Select400 the solid, long-term, IT partner of Royal Pride Holland, with complete satisfaction.

Koert van den Ende | Director of Royal Pride Holland